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Adult daycare is a wonderful, but often overlooked form of respite, beneficial not only to the participant or Member, but to the caregiver as well. We provide a program that enables the Member to be at home in the evening and on weekends, while allowing the caregiver time to pursue their own individual interests. We can provide day care service once a week or on a daily basis depending on your individual care needs. Adult daycare can provide social support and even opportunities for lasting friendships as well as providing the necessary, much needed relief for the caregiver. Baby Boomers’ Activities Club offers a convenient low cost alternative to Assisted Living, Home Care, and/or Residential Care. We offer high quality, professional care services to our Members while our Members are having fun in a group setting. We may be just what you are looking for. Adult day care can give you the help you need in your unique situation.

Our Mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for its’ Members by designing comprehensive services with a caring touch. 

Our Objective is to revolutionize traditional day care where the individual Member is nurtured and his/her well being is everyone’s primary goal. Our scheduled daily activities makes Baby Boomers’ Activities Club a fun place to be.

Activities Club

Please call our Director at (702) 878-9600 to schedule an appointment.

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